Social Media Today - Latest News Media Todayen-usMon, 27 Nov 2023 20:13:56 -0500How to Manage Social Media and Your Mental Health [Infographic]<p>Worth taking the time to consider how you can improve your social media usage habits.</p>Andrew HutchinsonMon, 27 Nov 2023 20:13:56 -0500 Expands ID Verification to More Regions<p>LinkedIn will now enable more users in more regions to confirm their ID.</p>Andrew HutchinsonMon, 27 Nov 2023 19:34:33 -0500 Faces New Scrutiny Over Claims That Youngsters Are Being Exposed to Harmful Content in its Apps<p>A new filing on behalf of 33 U.S. states alleges that Meta has misrepresented&nbsp;its moderation and safety&nbsp;performance.</p>Andrew HutchinsonMon, 27 Nov 2023 14:48:11 -0500 Outlines Updated, AI-Based System for Detecting Rule-Violating Content<p>LinkedIn&#39;s new AI-based system enables enhanced optimization of its moderation workflow.</p>Andrew HutchinsonMon, 27 Nov 2023 13:56:13 -0500 Says That Users Are Now Spending Half Their Time in the App Watching Minute+ Long Clips<p>TikTok&#39;s making a bigger push on long-form content.&nbsp;</p>Andrew HutchinsonMon, 27 Nov 2023 13:33:27 -0500 Launches New ‘Creative Cards’ to Provide Content Inspiration<p>The cards provide data-backed notes of inspiration for your TikTok clips.</p>Andrew HutchinsonMon, 27 Nov 2023 13:05:02 -0500 Creative Design Trends for 2024 [Infographic]<p>Some creative pointers for your planning, based on emerging visual and design trends.</p>Andrew HutchinsonSun, 26 Nov 2023 20:17:36 -0500’s Losses Continue to Mount as Advertiser Boycott Expands<p>X owner Elon Musk remains defiant, as more big name brands suspend their X activity.</p>Andrew HutchinsonSun, 26 Nov 2023 20:05:45 -0500 Is Bringing Post Headlines Back to Link Previews In-Stream<p>Some good, pre-Thanksgiving news from Elon and team.&nbsp;</p>Andrew HutchinsonWed, 22 Nov 2023 22:45:56 -0500 Enables All Users To Download Publicly Posted Reels Clips<p>Expect to see more IG logos in TikTok clips.</p>Andrew HutchinsonWed, 22 Nov 2023 20:45:25 -0500